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The Dirty Dragon Fabrication team-


I'm Chris

You could call me a family man. I've been an infantryman and an oil man. I've worked hard for my family, my whole life. Now that the kids are grown and gone, it's finally my time. I've dreamed of having a fab shop to work on Jeeps, honey do's and anything else I can think of for a long time. Luke has longed for a place to build busses and work on old trucks This is our journey.

Chris at Drity Dragon Fabrication


I'm Luke

After growing up in a Colorado junkyard full of old Chevy pickups he attended Colorado State University to play rugby. Then once school was over it was off to New York City for work. Once he was over the hustle and bustle of the big city it was time to hit the road in a self-built skoolie. 8,000 miles and 21 states later here we are buying, selling, and building anything with wheels.

Luke - Dirty Dragon Fabrication

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Dirty Dragon Fabrication is our small metal fabrication shop.

Here at Dirty Dragon Fabrication, we're regular guys like you with a passion for building things. We love metal fabrication and welding things. If only we had the skills.

We're not professional welders, mechanics, machinists, or metal workers. There are a ton of things we don't know and that's alright.

What we lack in knowledge we make up for by having a great work ethic and being hardheaded. Every day is a school day, and every struggle is another lesson. As we continue to learn, we'll be sharing on this site through articles and videos.

We help keep the lights on by flipping old trucks and taking on the occasional metal fabrication job. Our true passion is all around building off-road rigs to get in the back country. We like a good 4X4 school bus conversion and my absolute favorite, a custom Jeep build.

Metal Fab Side Projects 

Some of our metal fabrication projects will hopefully be for friends and customers to earn extra cash. Maybe we're welding up gates, doors, plug welding control arms, stitch welding brackets, bumpers and weld repairs.

Luke and I both have great fulltime jobs for now. Luke works for a van and bus aftermarket company, and I work in the North Slope oilfield in Alaska. Our shop is used mostly to work on our projects. Make no mistake, we take on a lot of projects just to earn enough funding money to support our personal projects.

Dirty Dragon Fab's website is just our way of sharing our journey into the world of metal madness. We hope to teach people a thing or two in the dying art of working with our hands. Hopefully we learn too from discussions with you guys. God only knows, we'll need it.

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The Feature Highlights

Fabrication Projects

We'll cover different metal fabrication projects as we progress along. Unlike other sites, we'll give you all the details, to include the good and the bad so that you won't make the same mistakes we did.

Product Reviews

Luke and I call it like we see it. From time to time, we'll do product reviews after we've ran them for a while. As always, we'll be brutal in our reviews to save you money and time.

Free Cut Sheets

We offer free cut and build sheets for all of our projects. All you have to do is sign up for our Dirty Dragon Fab email. We won't share your information and flood your inbox with constant sales offers.

Jeep Builds

Follow along as we build custom Jeeps of all kinds. Our main focus is on TJs. We love working on old Gladiators, trucks and any of the 40's through 60's era Jeeps.

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