About Us

Our Story:

Our family has served this country like most families. The Dirty Dragon Fab logo is a throwback to the men and women that got it done to break from the Brits and form Merica. It's copied from the Green Dragon Tavern, where the Sons of Liberty started the Revolution. Our family fought in the American Revolution, Civil War, and every war and campaign along the way. It's our way of tipping our hat to them.

Instead of being perched on a stake or spike, our dirty dragon is perched on a MIG gun. After all, it represents how hard we like to work.

The Present-

At present, we have minimal skills when it comes to all the projects we hope to conquer. We have a decent amount of select tools and a limited amount of workspace. It is what it is and it ain't what it ain't.

The Future-

We are hoping to start building a pole barn this summer/fall to have a place to learn and build on. We hope to learn a lot and share a lot. We'll document everything and share our successes and failures with you.

Chris at Drity Dragon Fabrication

Chris "Old Man"


Just a regular guy with just a few skills to pay the bills. Some might even call him "White Trash with Cash." Loves his family, country, getting dirty, working hard and everything about Jeeps and Ford Trucks. Die-hard Florida Gator football fan and is extremely fond of metal music and old country.


Luke "Young Man"


Just a regular dude that likes skoolies, fishing and flipping old trucks for extra cash. Some might call me a pit-master in training. I like working hard, playing harder and learning from the old man. Every day is a school day and we've still got a lot to learn and share.

Clyde Dog

Clyde "Dog"


Just a people dog. Loves to hang out in the back yard and run hot laps. I'm afraid of just about anything. Dog TV fan and a damn good chewer. Friends call me "Crazy Eyes."

Currently the senior content editor and project manager.

Facts About Chris

Chris with DDF

Old Man With No Plan-

Born and raised in Baker County, Florida. Florida Gators football fan since the beginning. I like building anything and everything. Every day is a school day for me, and every struggle is another lesson. I've owned a total of 9 jeeps ranging from an early 1945 CJ2 to a 2011 4 door Rubicon. My current Jeep is a '98 Jeep TJ.

Cold Man's Work

Oil Man on The North Slope of Alaska-

Graduated from the University of Alaska in process technology. Started working in a refinery in North Pole, Alaska right after graduation. Later moved to an upstream job with a large oil producer on the North Slope. Been in the oil patch for 20 plus years.

Army Veteran

Proud Army Veteran-

Served the better part of a decade in the US Army. Was stationed in Darmstadt Germany (where I met my better half), Fort Drum, New York and Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Favorite duty station was A Company, 2-14th Infantry with the 10th Mountain Division.

Chris' Better Half

My Better Half-

My better half and love of my life is an absolute beast. She raised two wonderful kids while I played army man and the oil patch. I'm forever grateful. She's run just shy of 50 marathons, qualified and ran Boston, volunteers with Rock Steady Boxing and absolutely keeps me in line. Karoline_Fit50

Facts About Luke


Colorado Wrestling Champ-

Won the Colorado state wrestling champion in high school. Now I wrestle with buses and how to build them better as overlanding vehicles. They make for a great camping platform while ice fishing in the high mountain lakes.

What Is A Skoolie

Bought More Than My Fair Share-

Bought a school bus because it was just as cheap as renting a U-Haul to move back from New York. Never thought that I'd be buying a lifestyle at the time. You can find our skoolie tailgating at CSU football games, on the road and in the mountains.

Luke & Charlene's Big Day

My Better Half-

Soon to be marrying my best friend. Also known as the "Old Man's daughter." Just like her mother keeps the Old Man in line, the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

Facts About Clyde

Clyde Time

Dog TV Binge Watcher-

When I'm not busy editing content and lining the men out on their projects, I like to binge watch Dog TV. Other than that, I like chewing things. Sometimes I go by the name "Crazy Eyes."

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