Best Work Boots? See what 131 oil field workers say when surveyed. 

 December 12, 2022

By  Chris

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Updated 9/25/22:

If you're looking for an honest review of the best work boots, you've come to the right place. I work on the north slope of Alaska's oilfield. I've worked in some work boots for the last 30 years.

I've worn everything from combat boots to steel toe boots over my career. Between a decade in the Army, 8+ years at the refinery, and 12+ years working in the oil patch, it's safe to say I've worn many diverse boots throughout my life.

I work with some of the most outstanding workers in the oil and gas industry. Not to be self-centered, it would be an excellent opportunity to survey them to get a better idea of everyone's collective opinion.

So, I asked them about their favorite pair of work boots for various occasions. Then I asked them why. Here are their answers from honest workers.

How the survey is being conducted-

I'm surveying people as I see them around the field. I'm not sending out mass emails and spamming my coworkers. I'm just casually asking what boots they're wearing and what they like and don't like about them.

In the oilfield where I work, the head count fluctuates around 700 workers depending on the workload. I intend to find the best work boots according to workers in some of the harshest environments and brutal work hours.

So far, I've asked 131 out of roughly 700 oil/gas workers in the north slope of Alaska oil patch.


I'll change the rankings as I continue to get more data. It's not a scientific case study but an excellent conversation about what works for comfort, style, and durability to keep your feet working as hard as you do.

As I get time, I plan to review each of these work boots to give you some honest feedback on what they're like, good or bad.

= around $100 or so. Prices are too dynamic in today's market with inflation.

Best steel toe work boots-

When I say steel toe boots, this also includes composite toe work boots for men and women. I didn't ask if they were composite or steel-toe work boots.

1. Keen Boots

My Keen Boots

Keen Summary 

  • Offer a wide variety of styles and sizes

  • Breathable materials to keep your feet cool

  • Are fairly light for fatigue management

28.2% WEAR

You've got to give them credit for having a Built In America product line. The line costs a little extra between $200 - $255 for the pair of work boots that supports American workers.

They offer a standard line that runs $125 - $165. Keen manufactures the standard boot line in the Dominican Republic and Thailand.

Keens offers low-cut Wellington, Romeo, 6" and 8" styles of work boots. They have steel toes, composite toes, and carbon fiber work boots. Use caution as with any brand as some are insulated and waterproof, while other styles are not. They offer soft-toe work boots if your company doesn't require a safety toe boot.

Some positive comments about Keen boots were that they were light, comfortable, and breathable, allowing their feet to stay dry. If you've never worked in the arctic, it's better to have your feet be a little cooler than to be sweating.

I like them because they're light and no break-in period.- Sean / QC

They're light, comfortable and the price is decent.- Ben / Production operator

Keens are durable enough, comfortable and light.- Travis / Production operator

Sole cracked in half due to the extreme cold.- Bob / Production operator

The Keens with webbing holes for laces rubs through eventually. - Mike / Production operator

The negatives I got was that their feet were getting wet in some snow due to the fabric mesh. It was a poor selection of style rather than the boot. Keen offers waterproof work boots to keep your feet dry.

Other comments were that they made an excellent plant or facility boot and great in cold weather environments with the use over boots.

Recommended Keens

Keen Men's Cincinnati 6 Inch Waterproof Boot (Carbon-Fiber Toe)

The Cincinnati 6" Waterproof Boot is perfect for anyone who wants a heavy-duty boot with the lightweight comfort of air-infused cushioning.
Whether you're working outdoors or indoors, in wet conditions or varied terrain, this boot will keep your feet comfortable all day long.
Plus, the carbon-fiber safety toe makes it an ideal choice for those in construction or fabrication jobs. 

Keen Portland 6 inch Waterproof Boot (Carbon-Fiber Toe)

If you're looking for a work boot that is both durable and comfortable, the Keen Portland 6-inch Waterproof Boot (Carbon-Fiber Toe) may be perfect for you. This premium boot offers flex technology that allows it to flex and bend with up to 3x less effort than other work boots.
The waterproof design and air-infused midsole make it ideal for use in wet or outdoor environments. Try out this American-made boot today and see how easy your job can be! 

Men's Vista Energy (Carbon-Fiber Toe)

The Vista Energy from Keen is perfect if you're looking for a lightweight, breathable work sneaker that will give you a 50% energy return with every step.
With a non-metallic construction and carbon-fiber toes, this shoe provides all-day comfort and performance in indoor or demanding surface environments.
Try them on and see how they can improve your job productivity by staying energized all day long with less fatigue. 

Redwing Boots For Work

Red Wing Shoes Summary

  • Made In America Line
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • DynaForce Comfort Insole
13.7% WEAR

So far in our search for the best work boots, Redwing work boots are a close second.

Redwing makes a high-quality, durable and comfortable work boot. Their boots come in an assortment of styles, including oxford, Wellington, logger, moc toe, and more, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Plus, I have to give them credit for their made-in-America line!

Their price range is from $149 for the oxford made in Vietnam to their $355 SuperSole 2.0 8" steel toe work boot made in America.

Redwing's work boots are offered in a safety toe, electrical hazard protection, and oil and slip resistant rated, so you can feel confident knowing the added protection on the job.

They also have waterproof work boots, metatarsal protection, BOA fit system, and cold weather rated, and some come with DynaForce insole technology for shock absorption.

Comfortable, light weight and I like the insulated ones.- Adam / Roustabout

Great boots. Redwing is all I've ever worn.- Glen / Maintenance

First pair and so far, not impressed. - Ben / Construction & projects

I have only seen one pair of boots with the BOA Fit system. It's a neat concept; however, I'm curious as to the durability of the system. I've come across most of the work boots so far have been the Wellington cut, waterproof work boots made with full grain leather.

I've heard various comments on the Redwing work boots so far. Several have said that they're super comfortable boots. One guy said so far that he's not impressed with them. They were all satisfied with the quality, save one.

69% of those that wore Redwing work boots were Wellington cut with Goodyear welt construction. All of them were waterproof work boots.

Recommended Redwings

Work - Style 4441 SUPERSOLE® Men's 11 inch Safety Toe Pull-On Boot

If you're looking for a rugged, durable work boot to keep your feet warm and comfortable in extreme conditions, then the RED WING SUPER SOLE 4441 is an excellent choice.
With a direct attach welt construction for maximum durability and protection against oil and gas spills, this heavy-duty boot is also resistant to electrical hazards.
And thanks to the use of U.S.-raised cattle leather with minimal surface imperfections, it will look good no matter how long you wear it. Check them out if you're into the Wellington cut. 

Work - Style 4215 DYNAFORCE® Men's 6-inch Waterproof Safety Toe Boot

The Red Wing 4215 work boots are tough, durable boot that is perfect for those in the oil and gas industry, construction, manufacturing, or railroads. These boots feature DynaForce® technology, which absorbs underfoot pressure and provides added stability and support.

The waterproofing system uses a 3-layer approach to keep feet dry, making these boots ideal for shifts in harsh work environments. If you are looking for a good-wearing and stable pair of work boots, try the Red Wing 4215.

Men's Vista Energy (Carbon-Fiber Toe)

Red Wing's new 2418 Traction Tred work boot is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a sturdy, slip-resistant work boot with a heavy-duty scale. The boots feature classic welt construction combined with an iconic flat sole that provides excellent stability. The soles are low lug to keep mud from sticking to them. The HRO soles are heat resistant to melting at a minimum of 475º Fahrenheit, and the waterproofing system uses a 3-layer approach to keep feet dry. Check them out if you like the moc-toe styles. 

Ariat Square Toe Work Boots

Ariat Work Boot Summary 

  • Limited break in period
  • Lots of styles to choose from
  • BOA Fit System in a pull-on boot
13.7% WEAR

Ariat has taken the workwear business by storm.

Ariat designs in America but sends its manufacturing to Italy, Mexico, and China.....

Ariat's steel toe work boot costs $100 to $380. Like other brands, they offer a wide variety of styles, including work boots for men in Wellington cut, lace-ups, moc toe pair of boots, and a Romeo-style work boot. They offer a round toe boot and a square toe boot style also.

They have boots that have oil and slip-resistant soles, full grain leather, 6 inches and taller, along with electrical hazard protection. Some of their shoes have Goodyear welt construction.

One neat option I found was the BOA Fit system on some of their pull-on Wellington-style boots.

They last about 9-12 in the welding shop which is good for me.-  Kurtis /  Welder

I have the square toe and they're super comfortable.- Taylor / Welder

They're alright. Could use more cushioning for me. Greg / Sick line company man

They offer a wide variety of women's work boots, including safety toe clogs. They also have those if you're looking for a soft toe.

So far, 89% of the Ariat safety toe boots have been Wellington cut work boots, with 11% being the Romeo style.

One comment I got was to get the un-insulated style if I got a pair. One guy who works in a facility swears by the Romeo-style work boot for comfort. Ariat claims no break-in period on some of their boots, which a couple of guys confirmed.

If you're looking for a steel-toe work boot, you might find that Ariat has the style to suit your needs.

Recommended Ariat Boots

ARIAT Men's Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

The Groundbreaker is the perfect option if you're looking for a comfortable, durable boot that can handle various tasks.
With a wide square toe and multi-surface traction, this boot is perfect for construction work, warehouse jobs, farming, and ranching.
The lightweight stabilizing shank ensures support while you work, and the extra comfort insole with a higher rebound ensures your feet stay happy all day. Duratread™ soles provide oil- and slip resistance so you can stay safe on the job.

Ariat 8 inch Intrepid Work Boot

The Intrepid lace-up style is perfect if you're looking for a rugged and reliable boot to take on the most challenging working environment.
This boot will keep you comfortable all day long with unbeatable cushioning and flexibility. Waterproof PRO construction ensures your feet stay dry even in the wettest conditions, while the Duratread sole provides slip resistance and durability. Reflective piping on the heel ensures you're always visible in low-light situations. Check them out if you're looking for a durable work boot.

Turbo Chelsea CSA Waterproof Carbon Toe Work Boot

Red Wing's new 2418 Traction Tred work boot is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a sturdy, slip-resistant work boot with a heavy-duty scale. The boots feature classic welt construction combined with an iconic flat sole that provides excellent stability. The soles are low lug to keep mud from sticking to them. The HRO soles are heat resistant to melting at a minimum of 475º Fahrenheit, and the waterproofing system uses a 3-layer approach to keep feet dry. Check them out if you like the moc-toe styles. 

My Xtratuf Work Boots

Xtratuf Boots Summary 

  • 100% waterproof
  • Reasonably priced
  • Rated to -10 °F
11.5% WEAR

Xtratuf work boots are just as expected on the north slope as on Alaska fishing boats.

These work boots have slip-resistant rubber soles and the much-needed safety toe. These boots are 100% waterproof by being triple dipped in latex neoprene.
Sadly, these steel-toe boots aren't made in America anymore. China....

Still, if it doesn't matter to you, they are good boots and are reasonably priced from $55 to $215. They offer free shipping and returns as well.

The Xtratuf work boot supposedly has a temperature rating of -10 °F, and I've worn these work boots down to -25 °F with no problems.

I like them because they're waterproof and feel good. - Gard / Production operator

Work great for me out on the tundra where it's wet. - Carlos / Line lift crew

The insoles absorb shocks and have breathable moisture-wicking material.

I would be surprised if less than 80% of the workforce has this work boot at some point in time worn. Xtratufs are perfect for snow melt and runoff during the breakup season in the Arctic.

Some of the comments I've heard so far have been that most people like to fold the uppers down or wear high socks to prevent the rubber from chafing the lower leg. It's typically not a problem in the winter due to long johns or other inner layer clothing.

If you work in a wet environment or with chemicals, this style of steel toe work boot might be the ticket.

Recommended Xtratuf Boots

Xtratuf Steel Toe Boots

These sturdy boots keep your feet dry, safe, and comfortable all day long and are chemical and acid-resistant. Their triple dipping technique creates a seamless barrier that makes them perfect for anyone who works with harsh chemicals or in a lab environment.
Their latex neoprene is ozone resistant, softer, lighter, and more pliable than ordinary rubber.
Cushioned insoles with arch support help fight fatigue and stress on the legs and back.

Danner Boots

Danner Boot Summary 

  • Vibram soles for traction
  • Dual density footbed for comfort
  • Danner Dry Waterproof System
8.4% WEAR

Danner has always made an excellent work boot. I wore Danner military boots when I was with the 10th Mountain Division. The military version was a great pair of boots.

They have a line that is made in America!

Their price ranges from around $140 to $320, depending on the boot style. All of these are safety toes.

They have what I call an athletic style composite toe boot; Wellington cut boot, and a moc toe boot, along with various heels and non-heeled steel toe work boots for men and women. They offer a ton of soft-toe boots if your company doesn't require a safety toe.

Danner boots have a dual-density footbed for comfort. They also have full grain leather upper boots.

Their Danner Dry system is a waterproof steel toe work boot that allows moisture to escape while preventing water from getting in. Danners should keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

The Danner Vicious are awesome. Absolutely love them.- Will / Mechanic

The Vicious are the best boots ever. On my second pair. Ryan / Instrument tech

Danner Vicious boots are excellent.- Steven / Production operator

I've worn Danner boots before. They were comfortable, and the traction was perfect in the Fort Drum weather with lake effect snow and ice.

Interestingly, Danner is the opposite of Ariat when it comes to Wellington cut boots so far. Of the guys that wear Danner work boots, only 16% were Wellington.

Danner might be what you're looking for if you like comfort and need a great all-around work boot.

Recommended Danner Boots

Danner Men's Vicious NMT Work Boot

These boots have had the highest positive feedback from my coworkers so far. This rugged and versatile boot incorporates top-of-the-line materials like GORE-TEX and Vibram.
It also has a dual-density EVA midsole for extra shock absorption and comfort. The oil- and slip-resistant outsole has a low 90-degree heel, making it versatile enough for indoor and outdoor work.
For really tough jobs, it has an abrasion-resistant heel cap, an all-leather upper, a non-metallic safety toe, and a waterproof breathable GORE‑TEX liner.

Danner Moc-toe Safety Boot

These boots are handcrafted in the USA with a dedication to quality and feature a timeless design.
The full-grain, oiled leather upper combines three layers of varying density for maximum cushioning and support. The non-marking, oil-and-slip resistant Danner Wedge outsole provides cushioning lightweight support, and traction.
With a timeless design and remarkable comfort in hot weather or boiler houses, the Bull Run is perfect for anyone looking for an all-purpose work boot that will stay in style no matter what.

Danner 3 Run Time Composite Toe Boots

With the Run Time, Danner has created a durable and lightweight shoe that would be perfect for long days on your feet. Danner used the latest technologies and materials to bring you a sneaker-like comfort with all the safety features of a boot.
These lightweight boots are great for facilities and indoor work environments. If you climb a bunch of towers or find yourself running stairs all day, these comfortable boots might be right up your alley.
Comparable to Keen utility boots as far as size and weight.

My Timberland Steel-Toe Boots

Timberland Boot Summary 

  • Great styles to choose from
  • Reasonably priced
  • 30 Day Comfort Guarantee
6.9% WEAR

Timberland Pro has been around for the last 20-plus years. Their idea was to bring an affordable work boot to the professional workforce.

Timberland Pro boots cost between $100 to $245. Timberland imports their boots.

They're offering waterproof steel-toe boots, moc-toe, Wellington cut, and athletic and Romeo-style boots. They have 6-inch, 8-inch, and full grain leather upper steel toes. Soft-toe boots are available as well.

They're pretty affordable and have been comfortable. - Doug / Roustabout

Timberland Pro boots have been around for a while. I've personally owned a pair of their 6-inch full grain leather steel toe boots. My only complaint was that the webbing lace loops eventually ripped out. Otherwise, they were perfect boots for the money.

Another cool feature is Timberland's 30-day comfort guarantee. If you purchase a pair of boots from them and don't think they are as comfortable as your other work boots, they'll refund your money. Check out their website for more info.

If you worry about making the wrong choice when purchasing a pair of boots, the Timberland Pro might be your best work boot option with their 30-day comfort guarantee.

Recommended Timberland Boots

Timberland Boondock Boots

The Boondock boot line is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a highly durable, functional, and comfortable boot. With a StepPropel™ footbed for shock absorption and energy return, a Vibram Fire & Ice outsole for optimal performance in any temperature, and ExoSpine™ technology for lasting structure, durability, and improved heel fit, these boots are sure to keep your feet happy and safe all day long. 

Timberland Moc-Toe

If you're looking for a formidable, durable pair of boots that can handle any terrain, the Gridworks men's work boots are an excellent option. Outsoles built for traction and waterproof; these boots will keep you safe and comfortable on the job site. Plus, with Goodyear welt construction and a 30-day comfort guarantee, you can be sure they'll last long past the workday.


Timberland's Radius Composite Toe Work Sneaker is an excellent option if you need a facility work shoe.
The composite safety toe protects your toes from getting crushed.
These have PRO® Flex Technology anti-fatigue footbed.
These sneakers come with a breathable and moisture-wicking lining with an antimicrobial.

Reebok Alloy Toe Work Shoes

Reebok Shoes Summary 

  • Super light safety toe
  • An excellent indoor facility shoe
  • 30 day return & free shipping in USA
3.1% WEAR

Reebok is one of those brands that I would have never thought of in the work boot hunt. A good friend I work with turned me on to them when I talked about my Keens being super light.

My Keens are super light and comfortable, but these work boots by Reebok feel like helium. I ordered them off Amazon at an affordable price, and they came quickly.

For the price, these are really light safety shoes for in the plant. Chris / Production operator

After researching Reebok work boots, I was shocked that they make a line of Made In The USA boots. Good for them. You got to give them some respect for that.

They offer free shipping and returns in the USA. You could opt to purchase them on Amazon and try them before you buy, along with free shipping for Prime members.

They offer 122 men's and 79 women's styles; however, I've only seen the Sublite Cushion work boots on the slope. I can only give honest feedback on the Sublites.

Reebok Work Boots Review: Are Reebok Sublite Cushion Safety Toes Any Good?

Recommended Timberland Boots

Reebok Work Shoes

Men's Athletic Work Shoe: Black These work shoes are incredibly light and airy. They have a mesh upper with moisture-wicking properties. These are the most lightweight safety shoes I've ever worn. These are the ones I wear when I work in the plant and hot dry days outside.

Wolverine Spring Cushioning

Wolverine Boots Summary 

  • Offer some lines made in USA
  • Known for quality leather since 1883
  • 30-day comfort guarantee
3.1% WEAR

Wolverine has been crafting quality leather boots since 1883 and introduced the 1000-mile boot in 1910. The boot was supposed to be comfortable and last a thousand miles.

Wolverine work boots are made overseas, except for three pairs from Rampart's lineup built in the USA. They run for around $200. Their whole lineup costs between $85 - $229.

Wolverine offers a 30-day comfort guarantee as well.

They are comfortable, cheap and last a good bit. - Josh / Production operator

If you like working with companies that give back, you'll like Wolverine and their Project Bootstrap. With less than 10% of high school graduates entering an actual trade, Wolverine donates $30 per pair of boots to organizations that teach kids the trade crafts.

Side note: As a metal head, I was excited to learn they've worked with Metallica's Scholars and their All Within My Hands non-profit.

Recommended Wolverine Boots

Wolverine I-90 Durashock Moc Work Boots

These are a classic moc-toe with DuraShocks pads for longer-lasting soles, with a breathable waterproof membrane. Shock absorbing spring back cushioning for all-day comfort at work.

Wolverine Romeo Boots

Great pull-on Romeo style boot with premium full grain leather upper and breathable waterproof membrane. Super comfortable right out of the box with an anti-fatigue footbed and midsole.

Danner 3 Run Time Composite Toe Boots

These boots come with waterproof leather uppers with a moisture-wicking lining that includes a removable OrthoLite® cushioning footbed for comfort on the job site.

Carolina Boots
2% wear CAROLINA

Carolina Boots Summary 

  • Design boots based on occupation
  • Known for quality leather
  • Offer a built in the USA line
1.6% WEAR

With the occupation or trade in mind, Carolina designs a quality work boot. Carolina even goes as far as making a guide to help choose the right boot for your line of work.

They are known for their quality leather and offer a line made in America. China makes the rest of their boots.

I love my Carolina boots. Been buying them for a long time. - Eric / Facility maintenance hand

They are a relatively new brand with a good following. Just read some of the reviews around the web, and you'll see that they have a reputation for building a long-lasting boot.

So far, in this survey, Carolina is the last to cut, with the lowest numbers. One curious observation was that the guys wearing the Carolina boots were from the east coast. Is it a regional brand awareness thing?

Recommended Carolina Boots

Carolina Hiking Boots With Safety Toe

If you're in the market for a rugged, reliable work boot that also looks great, we recommend giving our Men's 6" Waterproof Broad Toe Work Boot a try.
This boot is made with Copper Crazy Horse Leather and comes equipped with a waterproof SCUBALINER™, so you can be sure your feet will stay dry no matter what the job throws your way.
This boot is Electrical Hazard Rated and has a Non-Metallic Shank.

Carolina Wellington Safety Boot

As you can see, the Carolina Men's 10" Waterproof Composite Toe Wellington is an excellent option for anyone in need of a durable and protective work boot.
The composite safety toe cap will protect your toes from harm, while the waterproof SCUBALINER™ will ensure your feet stay dry even when working in wet environments.
And if you're looking for comfort, this boot comes with a removable polyurethane footbed and midsole; your feet will feel good all day long.

Best Pull On Work Boots-

Cowboy cut work boots-

Cowboy or Wellington cut boots made up 23% of those surveyed so far.

1.Ariat Cowboy Style Work Boots

is currently in 1st place and has made up 53% of the cowboy/wellington style boots as of the time of this writing.

Check Price

2. Red Wing Work Boots

Red Wing has made up 37% of the cowboy cut safety toe boots surveyed.

Red Wing

3. Carolina Wellington Style Work Boots

Carolina is currently tied for 3rd place and has made up 3.3% of the cowboy/wellington style boots as of the time of this writing.

Check Price

3. Timberland Wellington Work Boots

Timberland has made up 3.3% of the cowboy cut safety toe boots surveyed and is currently tied for 3rd place.

Check Price

3. Cody James Wellington Work Boots

Cody James has made up 3.3% of the cowboy cut safety toe boots surveyed and is currently tied for 3rd place. Admittedly, I had never heard of them until conducting the survey.

Check Price

Romeo Style Work Boots-

1. Ariat Romeo Pull On Work Boots

Ariat is once again leading the way with their Romeo style work shoes. They currently make up 66.6% and are in 1st place for pull on boots.

Check Price

2. Wolverine Romeo Pull On Boots

Wolverine is currently in 2nd place with their Romeo style work shoes. They currently make up 33.3%.

Check Price

Best over boots for cold weather-

Overshoes or boots are an excellent option if you work indoors and outside. They allow you to have light safety toes for inside and overshoes when outdoors.

An excellent cold weather work boot will cost you $200 or more. Theoretically, you could have the same amount of money into a good pair of boots for winter that you'd have in light boots and overshoes.

I choose overshoes to save money and space as my room storage is small on the Alaska North Slope. Overshoes are very compact when stored.

NEO's or New England Overshoe

NEOS Cold Weather Overshoes

NEO Overshoe Summary 

  • Wind and waterproof
  • Excellent snow & ice traction
  • Really light for fatigue management
15% WEAR

I wear my Keen utility boots under a pair of NEOS during the winter and while working outside. I've worn them down to -45 °F ambient and -78 °F with the wind for limited amounts of time with no problems.

NEO's costs between $50 and $195 depending on the style and features.

NEO's are worth their weight in cold because they'll keep your feet warm and dry. The durable uppers are wind and waterproof.

They are outstanding in snow and ice. There are 16 replaceable studs on the bottom of each overshoe. A small pocket on the inside holds a small wrench for maintenance. Think of it as studs for your feet.

I'll caution you that these overshoes are like ice skates on hard, slick surfaces like steel and tile. I wouldn't recommend driving with them on either.

So far, 15% of the people surveyed say they were NEOs over light steel toes during the winter months. I'm one.

Best logger style work boots-

Surprisingly, logger-style steel toes currently only make up 2% of those coworkers I've questioned. I would have expected more.

I'm not saying that the following two brands are the best work boots, but they are by far the definition of quality handmade work boots. That quality comes at a premium.

Whites Logger Boots

1. White's Boots


White's Boots Summary 

  • Hand made in America
  • Rebuildable
  • Premium boot at a premium price tag

I've only seen one person wearing the Whites Boots on the slope; however, I've known another three people wearing them at the refinery. Everyone I've ever known that has worn Whites have been thrilled with them.

Made in America, these are high-quality, handmade boots. They are fully rebuildable. I can't overstate the quality of these boots.

I have to say, White's are the best quality work boots out there. Best boots that I've ever owned. Tim / Supervisor & Engineer 

There is always a catch with everything. These features come at a premium, ranging from $310 to $740.

Depending on the latch, some will take a bit to break in, while others will have a quick break-in period. I've always wanted to try the Foreman's non-logger style from White's, but they're a little out of my price range.

Nicks Logger Style Work Boots

Nick's Boots Summary 

  • Hand made in the US
  • Quality & rebuildable work boots
  • Really nice full leather boots

Essentially tied with White's, Nicks Boots are the second pair of logger-style boots I've surveyed so far. Like the previous brand, Nicks boots are high-quality handmade leather work boots.Nicks boots come with a reasonably healthy price tag but are worth every penny. Their work boots range from $530 to $610.

I like them. Nicks is a dang good boot.- Clint / Roustabout

Sourced and hand built in America. Using old-world craftsmanship and techniques to build an excellent quality boot. If the sole or anything else, minus the uppers, wears out, Nicks can rebuild them.

Best indoor facility work boots-

1.Keen utility

28% of the workforce wears Keen Utility work boots.

2.Reebok Work Boots

Reebok work shoes are a distant second, being worn by 3%.

3.Ariat Romeo Style Work Boots

In a third place so far, Ariat Romeo style work boots are worn by 2%.

Best Work Boots Honorable Mention <1%

1. Blundstone Boots

2. Georgia Boots

3. Cody James

4. Grundens

5. New Balance

6. Sketchers

7. Carhartt

8. Caterpillar 

Final thoughts on the best work boots-

This survey is ongoing, and I'll update it as I get more data points. One thing that stood out to me was the diverse brands out there. There were several brands and styles that I had never even considered.

As of now, for every worker who hates a work boot brand, a handful of people will swear they're the best work boots money can buy.

One other item that I wish I would have asked was where they lived. Alaska is a hard place to live with limited shopping abilities. Alaskans are often stuck buying what's available at the local outfitter store.

It's easier to get a variety of work boot brands due to cheaper shipping in the lower 48 states.

If you wear the same as my coworkers or something I didn't mention or that we haven't heard of let us know. We'd like to know your thoughts on what is the best work boots.

Leave a comment with what you wear, your job title, and what you like or dislike about them and I'll try and add it to the list of best work boots in an online section.

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