Hey Yall! Welcome to Dirty Dragon Fabrication. 

 December 7, 2022

By  Chris

Who we are-

We're just a couple of guys and a crazy dog, that likes to build stuff.  We've got a limited skill set, a limited budget and an unlimited desire to learn.

Both of us come from different backgrounds and time eras.  We each have a different skill set. Fate brought us together as friend and family.

What we ain't-

Welder? Fabricator? Builder? Designer? Fiberglass installer? Body man? Painter? Detailer? Mechanic?  Blogger? Video creator and editor? 

Nope.  None of that.  We are just a couple of guys like some of you out there that are just gonna figure it out as we go.  We're not gonna BS you and tell you we're something that just isn't true.

Hell- We don't even know what we don't know yet.

What we know-

Obviously, we don't know a lot. I grew up on a farm in northern Florida, so I'm kind of a jack of all trades and master of none. I have framed, wired, and plumbed houses. I've worked on Jeeps my whole adult life and sort of know my way around the garage. 

I went to school for process technology and have been working in the oil patch for the last 20 plus years, however that want help us much.

Luke grew up in Sterling and is a pretty resourceful individual. He has a great work ethic which can be attributed to his wrestling and is fearless when it comes to trying things.  He's pretty good at tinkering on old trucks which will help us out.

We know we can do this. 

What we hope to accomplish-

We hope to research and learn as we go.  As we progress, we'll apply the things we've learned and hopefully build some really cool stuff.

We hope to learn-

  • From classes, online research and from our experiences

  • Hope to learn from you guys through discussion

  • Welding, cutting, grinding and general metal fabrication

  • Auto body repair and painting

  • To turn wrenches, perform engine swaps and overall building techniques

  • How to mold fiberglass to build custom stuff

  • All about Jeep Building and Bus Conversions

We hope to teach you-

  • We want to share everything we learn with our community

  • That working with your hands ain't so bad

  • Average people can get it done with work ethic and a lot of drive

  • That anything is possible if you try hard enough

  • That honesty is the best policy.  We'll share our successes and failures

What we want from you-

We know starting out that there will probably be a lot of haters. That's fine by us.  Sometimes you can learn from the haters, too.

We would like for you to give us honest feedback on how we're doing. If you know a better way or see something that we're doing is just plain dumb, let us know. We honestly want to learn.

If you have a great idea or something to share on a project that the community could learn from, then please share it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Average guy that likes to build things and teach others what I learn. Family comes first. Steel, Jeeps and off-roading are all fighting for second place.

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