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 December 12, 2022

By  Chris

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If you are shopping for an athletic style safety toe work shoe, the Reebok Sublite Cushion work shoes are ones you've probably seen. In this Reebok work boots review, we'll discuss the pros and cons of these alloy toe work shoes.

Reebok Sublite Cushion Work Shoe Features-

Reebok Work Shoes

The Reebok company has always made a great pair of athletic shoes. What most people don't know is that Reebok has a safety shoe line. That line is called the Reebok Work line.

The Reebok Sublite Cushion features at a glance:

Alloy Toe:

The alloy toe keeps these shoes super light. They still meet or exceed the ASTM F2413 standard for foot protection.

Alloy Toe


With Reebok's proprietary comfort system with Memorytech massage inserts, this athletic shoe feels like walking on clouds.

Sublite Insert

Lightest Work Boot:

The Reebok Sublite is the lightest safety shoes I've tried. The alloy toe and mesh uppers keep this shoe ultra-lightweight.

Free Shipping/Returns:

Both Amazon and Reebok website stores offer free shipping and returns. Amazon offers a try it before you buy it program.

Breathable Mesh Upper:

The breathable nylon mesh uppers keep your feet cool and dry all day long. The mesh material keeps them lighter than leather.

Cost Around $100:

These pair of shoes cost around $100. This price is considerably cheaper than some of the other comparable brands.

Oil / Slip Resistant:

The Reebok Work line of safety shoes are oil and slip resistant. The rubber outsoles provide protection from an electrical hazard. 

Reebok Sublite Traction

Moisture Wicking:

These shoes are moisture wicking but are not waterproof. Reebok does make some work shoes that are waterproof. 

My Reebok work boots review

I first learned about the Reebok Sublite Cushion work shoes while researching for the best work boots for an article I wrote: Best Work Boots? See what 131 oil field workers say.

I was looking for an athletic style work shoe with toe protection. Some features I was looking for was light, flexible and with no heel.

Eventually I landed on a pair of Reebok's Sublite Cushion Work shoes - RB4041

Reebok Sublite Review-


I paid $98.99 for my Reebok Work Sublite Cushion work shoes on amazon.com, including free shipping. At the time of writing, Reebok has 8,000+ reviews with an overall rating of 4.3 stars.

Compared to other brands selling protective toe work shoes, the Reebok shoes are inexpensive. In today's market, it's hard to find a regular athletic shoe for less than $100.

Foot Protection

Although the Sublites aren't steel toe work shoes, they meet or exceed the ASTM F2413 standard. The alloy toe makes it much lighter than traditional steel toe boots.

The rubber outsole prevents shock from an electrical hazard. If you're an electrician or work around highly energized equipment, these might be for you.


The Reebok Sublite Cushion alloy toe work shoes is super lightweight. I've worn a lot of other brands, and this is by far the lightest shoe so far. Compared to other boots, this athletic shoe is like boots filled with helium.


The Sublite Cushion has a Memorytech massage brand foam footbed. Not sure what it is, but this is one comfortable shoe.

Reebok Sublite Heel

I have been wearing these for around 5 months so far. This shoe was comfortable on day one with no break-in period like with a typical leather upper.


Your foot will not slip in these shoes. There is a soft rubber outsole under the heel and toe box that has sipes like a winter tire.

Working in a sea water plant, my shoes have to be slip resistant. The advertising claims that they're oil resistant, and I can confirm they are.

At work, I'm walking on gravel, grating and steel diamond plate and the soles have held up well so far.

Are They Comfortable?

These athletic steel toe work shoes should be classified as alloy toe work slippers. I work 12-to-18-hour days when I'm at work and I wear these shoes all day with no problems. I think the weight and foam insole helps with fatigue management.

My feet get hot easy. This shoe has a moisture wicking mesh upper that keeps your feet dry.

Reebok Sublite Cushion Work Shoes

The toe box area is extra wide so your toes won't feel cramped. When kneeling or taking a knee, the shoes flex is better than the average leather steel toe.

The Cons-

  • The reviews on amazon and Reebok's website say that they last along time. Some of the reviews actually show their occupation. I'm still curious about durability.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • Lacking leather uppers, these are probably not ideal for welding, cutting or grinding.

FAQ's For Reebok Work Shoes-

Are they any good?

The Sublite Cushion alloy toe work shoes are good for me so far. The flex and midsole combined with the foam insert for max comfort. At less than a pound, they're the best light comfortable work shoes or boots I've tried.

Are Reebok safety boots waterproof?

The Reebok Work line does make safety toe work shoes that are waterproof. The shoes I bought (SUBLITE CUSHION WORK - RB4041) aren't.

Can Reebok Work Sublite shoes be washed?

These shoes can be washed. I recommend washing with a warm water and standard laundry detergent mix and a light brush. I wouldn't put any protective toe shoe in the washing machine.

How do Reebok work shoes fit?

This shoe will fit your foot just like any athletic style shoe would. These shoes are true to size.

What are they best used for?

If you have a job walking, climbing stairs, and overall standing all day, these safety shoes are perfect. These athletic Reebok shoes are good if you need electrical hazard protection.

The Sublites are best used indoors, including a facility, utiliway, warehouse or plant. I wear mine on dry days outside and everyday operating in the plant.

Where to buy Reebok work shoes?

When I started shopping for my shoes, I found them on amazon.com. Another great place is the Reebok Work website.

They both offer free shipping on their shoes along with a trial period with free returns.

Final Thoughts On The Sublites

The Reebok athletic work shoes that I bought are extremely light. Truly they are the lightest comfortable safety toe shoe I've ever worn. The comfort of their Memorytech massage features make it a great wear for long shiftwork.

I wouldn't recommend them for extremely wet and muddy work sites. If you work in fairly normal conditions or where it gets hot, these are for you. These are an excellent facility, warehouse or plant shoe.

How long will they last? I have no idea. Five months of wearing them on metal grating, diamond plate and gravel have done nothing to them yet. For the comfort, I can afford to buy one every year at there price point.

If you're shopping for a light comfortable safety toe work shoe, then you should try them out. With free shipping and try before you buy; you can't afford not to order them online and try them out. 

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