Top 100 Jeep Wrangler Upgrades- More Like 107 & Counting.  

 December 16, 2022

By  Chris

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The Jeep Wrangler is a remarkable off-road rig. Like everything, there's always room for improvement. The title of this post is "Top 100 Jeep Wrangler Upgrades", when it should have been titled "Top 107 and counting Jeep Wrangler upgrades".

There is so much aftermarket support for the Jeep brand that it's hard to identify only 100 upgrades. This list could go on forever, however, for brevity's sake, we'll leave it at 105 for now.

In this post, we'll cover exterior, interior, performance and overlanding upgrades. Some of these could fit in multiple categories.

Table of Contents

Exterior Upgrades

The exterior Jeep Wrangler says a lot about your Jeep and your use of your Wrangler. Here is our list of exterior mods that are both protective and functional.

1. Bumpers

Face it, the factory bumpers are designed to offer minimal protection for your vehicle in the event of a crash. Sooner than later, you'll bump your Jeep into an obstacle.

Jeep Bumper

The options are almost endless. Perform a good search to find a quality bumper that meets your requirements.

If you've got some skills and the imagination, you could fab up your own bumpers.

Aftermarket bumpers offer better protection and make your Jeep look better as well. Some brands offer winch plates, light mounts, recovery mounts for D-rings and protective guards for the winch and grill.

You could weld a bumper from a kit or build your own DIY bumpers.

2. Tire Carrier

Jeeps carry the weight of their spare tire on the tail gate. The tailgate is fine with the stock tire size. Add the weight of an extra-large spare while off-roading and you'll soon have problems.

Tire carriers built by the off-road companies are generally mounted to their bumpers and some can be mounted to any flat surface.

Not only will an aftermarket carrier stand up to the weight, but it'll also allow for a drop down tailgate.

Or you could build your own if you can weld with a quality hinge kit from Amazon and latch system.

Quality Hinge

3. Cargo Racks

Jeep vehicles are small by design. Their small design allows for easily maneuvering around obstacles. The small design unfortunately limits storage space, especially on 2 door Jeeps.

Cargo Rack

Find a cargo that will fit your Jeep and budget.

Check Price

Adding a cargo rack doubles the storage and offers a place to mount pioneer tools, overland tents, lights and other accessories.

4. Rock Sliders

Rock sliders protect your Jeep's body along the bottom edge when driving over logs and boulders.

Rock Sliders

Find rock sliders that'll fit your Jeep.

Check Price

5. Tube Fenders

Tube fenders are a practical way to enlarge the wheel opening on the front and rear to allow for larger tires. There are generally offered in multiple widths to keep mud and debris off the Jeep.

Insert Image

See the selection of tube fenders at Extreme Terrain.

Extreme Terrain

Poison Spyder

6. Fender Flares

Fender flares are a good way to open up the wheel wells also. I was once pulled over by the Alaska Highway Patrol because my Wrangler's tires stuck out past the stock fenders. I bought aftermarket fender flares to stay legal wave the fine as it was a fix it ticket.

Rear Fender Flares
Front Fender Flares

Fender flares are a great way to open up the wheel wells for larger tires. 

Check Price

7. Body Armor

Body armor is a good way to protect the corners of your Jeep and if done right can look pretty cool. It was originally designed to cover damaged and rotted out corner panels on older Jeeps.

Jeep Wrangler Body Armor

Protect your Jeep's rear corner panels or dress up damaged ones.

Check Price

8. Radiator Grill

If you drive in colder climates where the road service gravels the road or you travel gravel roads you'll likely want a radiator grill for protection.

Jeep Radiator Grill

Protect your Jeep's grill from rocks and gravel.

Check Price

9. Versahitch

If your vehicle tows a trailer and is required to carry other racks off the back then you should check out the Versahitch. It can me used for mounting D rings for recovery and tons of other implements.

Click to play

Click below to see it on Quadratec's website.

Check Price

10. Winch

A winch is another must have tool for any serious offroader. There are ton of quality models out there. Be sure to choose a winch that is rated for your rig and then some.

Warn Winch

Warn has been around for a long time with their trail tested winches.

Check Price

11. Spare Fuel Storage

Nothing is worse than worrying about running out of fuel. You can repair a vehicle, however you can't just refine fuel. Adventure further out with extra fuel storage. Several systems are out there for fuel and water.

12. Spare Water Storage

If you overland and like the comforts of a shower, you'll have to carry extra water. You might as well get a system to carry water and fuel.

13. Soft Top / Summer Top

Nothing is cooler and says Jeep like driving topless. Not that kind of topless. It's fun until rains, hail, extreme sun or dust storms arrive. If you have a hard top, you'll want to invest in a soft top or Bimini top for protection and peace of mind.

Jeep Summer Top

This one is the same one we run in the summer on the 2011 Rubicon.

Check Price

14. Hood

Your hood can do more than just provide protection for your engine and vital components on your vehicle. It can help cool the engine and look awesome as well.

Custom Hood Vent

The Poison Spyder hood louver kit is a great way to hide hail damage, cool the engine compartment and look sharp.

Check Price

15. Hood Locks

If you live in a sketchy area which is sadly, pretty much everywhere nowadays, you should keep honest people honest and get hood locks to lock up your engine compartment.

Jeep Wrangler Hood Lock

Protect your investment from the would be criminal with a good hood lock. These locks use your original Jeep key!

Check Price

16. Hi-lift Jack

A hi-lift jack is an off-road warriors best friend. With attachments it can be used to lift and even winch out a stuck Jeep. Decide where you'll store it and get a mounting kit for it as well.

The Hi-Lift Jack will get you out of a lot of tight spots with the proper use, accessories and technique.

Hi-Lift Jack

Check Price

You'll need to have a way to store your hi-lift jack with a quality mounting system.

Hi Lift Mount

Check Price

17. Skid Plate

If you are into serious off-roading, you'll want to invest in skid plates to protect your Jeep's undercarriage. The stock skids aren't strong enough for serious rock crawling.

18. Tailgate Reinforcement

If you don't want to opt for a spare tire carrier upgrade for large tires, then you'll need to buy a tail gate reinforcement kit. These kits strengthen your tailgate hinges or support them to prevent warping and damage.

Tailgate Reinforcement Kit

If you carry a larger tire and hit the trails hard, you better reinforce your tailgate if you can't afford a tire carrier.

Check Price

19. Door Off Mirror Kit

It's illegal to drive without side mirrors on the highway in a lot of jurisdictions. Keep the men and women in blue on real criminal activities by getting a pair of mirrors for when you pull off the doors.

Door Off Mirror Kit

Stay legal and safe with a door off mirror kit.

Check Price

20. Half Or Tube Doors

If you've never wheeled with half doors, you're missing out. The give you better visibility, while a tube style door will give you more along with an array of accessories.

Half Tube Doors JK

Safer than doors completely off and are just cool. Great visibility when off-roading.

Check Price

21. Fender Liners

Fender liners help keep your engine bay cleaner than plain open wheel wells. This is especially the case with some tube fenders.

Performance Upgrades

The factory has done a pretty good job with following the customer base, however their latest creation Rubicon 392 is out of my price range. I imagine it's out of a lot of peoples price range.

This next set of mods might not get you a 392, but they'll help your Jeep conquer the trail and you'll have the pride of building your Wrangler up.

22. Cold Air Intake

Cold intakes are an easy upgrade for your Wrangler. They bring cool oxygen into the engine instead of the hot air in the engine compartment. These generally have better filters that are serviceable.

Cold Air Intake

Let your Jeep's engine breath fresh cooler air for better performance.

Check Price

23. Snorkel

Snorkels help keep dust and debris from entering the filter housing and restricting much needed oxygen flow for your engine's combustion. Other benefits of a snorkel is insurance from ingesting water into your engine through the intake. Snorkels also bring cool oxygen into the engine.


Protect your filter and engine's intake during water crossings and dusty trial running.

Check Price

24. Exhaust

A new exhaust whether custom or bolt on can be an excellent compliment to a new intake. The intake allows the engine to breathe and an opened up exhaust will let your engine exhale better.

25. Axle Gearing

If you plan to run larger tires, you'll need to change out the gearing in your axles. The gear change will put the performance feeling back into your Jeep Wrangler.

Yukon Gear & Axle has some excellent information on how to swap out ring and pinion gears along with all of the parts to make it happen.

26. Lockers

If you are into serious off-roading, you may as well add lockers to your axles while changing the ring and pinion gears. If your Jeep Wrangler is the Rubicon model, then obviously you already have the lockers you need.

Zip Locker

Selectable lockers are preferred so there is still an ability to drive on the road and in certain off-road situations. Selectable lockers come in pneumatic, electrical and cable actuated.

There are some lockers that are super easy for the beginner to install, and others are a little more advanced. Find a locker that works for you.

Easy Locker

Check Price

27. Suspension

When it comes to Jeep mods, the suspension lift is often one of the first things Jeepers want to perform. Suspension lift kits are designed to lift the Jeep to allow for larger wheels and tires. They'll often perform better with better handling and geometry of the control arms if done right.

Jeep Suspension Lift Kit

Suspension lifts vary in cost depending on the quality and lift height.

28. Tires / Wheels

Tires & wheels are another great mod. They allow for better traction. Wheels are either made from steel or aluminum. Some will heave the ability to deflate the tires to minimum pressures due to there bead-lock design. The meats you choose should be adequate for the terrain and season your wheeling in.

29. Spare

Don't be that person that will install a lift, install larger tires and then have a factory spare hanging off the back. The spare needs to be the same diameter or you could damage your running gear components.

30. Steering

Larger tires cause other issues to include steering linkage. This problem only gets worse off road and locked. The factory Mopar steering will eventually get destroyed with 35" or larger tires. A heavy-duty steering, whether custom or kit will keep your Wrangler moving. At a minimum is a steering stabilizer.

Barnes 4x4 Steering Upgrades

You can find Heavy Duty Steering upgrade components at Barnes 4WD.

31. Brakes

One important and often overlooked Wrangler mods is the brakes of the vehicle. Lifted vehicle with larger meats under it will need extra stopping power. Improve your brakes. Swap to disc brakes on the rear if you have drums.

Power Stop Brake Upgrade

Check Price

32. Engine Swap

Engine swaps are another great option in the way of performance mods. Obviously, this will void any factory warranty so you may want to wait until you sack out the original engine.

You can source donor engines off of Craigslist, Facebook Market place or Copart.

Copart Engine Hunting

An engine swap can be a major endeavor when it comes to Jeep mods. Novak and Advance Adapters has swap parts and information to make it a little easier.

33. Axles Swap

If you plan to get in to serious off-roading in extreme terrain, you'll want stronger axles. A vehicle with locked axles, large tires and rock crawling a prone to snapping smaller spline axles. Even coming off rocks hard or drop-offs can bend axle tubes.

The F-350 front Dana 60 and rear Sterling axles are a popular axle swap. Barnes 4wd and Artec Industries provide axle swap kits to make things easier.

34. Axle Shafts

Upgrading to chromoly axle shafts or larger spline axle shaft kits are a cheaper way to beef up factory axles.

Jeep JK Axles & Hubs for Wrangler (2007-2018) | ExtremeTerrain

35. Axle Truss

An axle truss is another inexpensive way to protect your axle tube from bending. They can also be used in the rear to build a custom triangulated rear suspension.

Heavy Duty Axle Truss – Barnes 4WD

36. Transfer case

Synonymous with extreme drivetrain is the upgraded transfer cases for Jeeps made by Advance Adapters. The 2 Speed Atlas II and 4 Speed Atlas IV. Both are a twin stick design to offer two wheel drive in low range. Gear driven instead of the suspect chain cases.

Atlas Transfer Case Jeep JK 2SP & 4SP Builder - Advance Adapters

37. SYE Slip Yoke Eliminator

If you don't have one of the Rubicon TJ models, you'll want to install a slip yoke eliminator to protect your driveline and keep moving in the event you lose the rear drive shaft. JKs don't need them.

Slip Yoke Eliminator

If your lifting a TJ 4 or more inches you'll need a slip yoke eliminator.

Check Price

38. Transmission

Swapping out to a heavy-duty transmission is another great option when it comes to strengthening your drivetrain. NV-4500s and T-19s are some common swapped manual transmissions in TJ Wranglers. The current line up of Jeep Wranglers has pretty good transmissions.

Novak has a ton of information on transmission swaps. Advance Adapters has a huge knowledge section on swaps.

39. Transmission Shifter

A short throw shifter can be a nice upgrade that any Jeep owner could install themselves with minimal mechanic's skills.

40. Clutch

I currently have a manual transmission in my TJ Wrangler. I have the Center Force dual friction clutch and it has held up well. An upgraded clutch will give you better holding power.

Dual Friction Clutch

Centerforce Clutches offer excellent holding power. Had mine for years.

Check Price

41. Chip / Tuning

A chip and programmer can gain you descent amount of horsepower and torque.

Chip Tuner

Plug and play tuning for performance or fuel economy.

Check Price

42. Supercharger

A costly mod for your Jeep, but the horsepower gains can be astronomical with a supercharger. At least its an easier install than an engine swap.

Jeep JK Supercharger

Wrangler JK – RIPP Superchargers (rippmods.com)

43. Batteries

Upgrading to better batteries is a must with lighting, winch, power inverters and stereo equipment upgrades.

Optima Battery

If you're running winches, lights and everything else, get one.

Check Price

44. Alternator

You'll want a heavy-duty alternator for your upgraded batteries.


You'll need a heavy-duty alternator to keep up with the Optima batteries.

Check Price

45. Radiator

There are custom radiators for every model of Wrangler to include engine swapped applications for better cooling and longer engine life.

Jeep JK Radiators for Wrangler (2007-2018) | Extreme Terrain

46. Transmission Cooler

If you tow, rock crawl or do a lot of desert running, a transmission cooler is a great mod.

Transmission Cooler

Check Price

47. Sway Bar Disconnects

Disconnects replace the front sway bar links so that you can gain maximum articulation for better traction. Vary in length depending on the lift height.

Sway Bar Disconnects

Check Price

Interior Upgrades

48. Roll bar

The Mopar roll bar is for a minor roll over at best. If you've ever seen a Jeep flip over in Moab's Hell's Revenge or Hot Tub obstacles then you know why you need a sturdy roll bar for your Wrangler. A quality roll cage can save your life and Jeep.

Poison Spyder Roll Cage

Jeep Full Cage Kits |  (poisonspyder.com)

49. Under Hood Storage

Under your hood is a great place to hide valuables and spare tools. I'm always hiding things in plane sight. I'll do a post on under hood storage ideas someday.

50. Seats

Your stock seats are good for cruising. Eventually, the seat springs and fabric will get sacked. Replace that worn out stock seats with quality replacement seats. If you want custom, check out these ones from PRP.

51. Seat Covers

Seat covers is an inexpensive way to dress up your interior and keep your vehicle looking new. Well, at least the seat covers. Some covers are waterproof.

Jeep Seat Covers | Quadratec

52. Seat Storage

Several companies make a style of set cover that has modular stowing on the back.

Jeep Seat Storage

Check Price

53. Heated Seats Kits

There are a few companies that offer heated seat kits that will fit any style seat in any kind of vehicle. A great idea for kids and your better half if they're cold natured when driving topless.

Heated Seat Kit

Check Price

54.Tub Bed Liner

The first mod I did was removing the carpet so I could put a roll-on bed liner in the tub to protect it from rusting. Still there to this day. You can always put the carpet back in when your done coating your tub.

Quadratec Tru-Fit® Rear Cargo Liner for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK | Quadratec

55. Trail Rated Floor Mats

I bought these trail rated floor mats from Quadratec. There great if you play in the snow and mud.

 All Weather Floor Liners for 07-13 Jeep Wrangler JK | Quadratec

All Weather Rear Floor Liner for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door | Quadratec

56. Stereo

Who doesn't want to jam out on a long trip or just cruising. Some models offer GPS, touchscreen and tie ins for front & rear cameras.


Check Price

57. Front / Rear Camera System

A front and rear camera system will help when backing up or hooking up to a trailer. A front camera mounted under the hood in the grill opening can help you navigate over obstacles.

Front and Rear Camera Kit

Check Price

58. GPS

A GPS or navigation system is another great interior mod for safety. These are great when planning routes and building new trails also.

GPS For Offroad

Check Price

59. CB Radio

The CB radio is a great upgrade for communication between friends and even during emergencies. Some off-road parks and Jeep groups require a CB in the vehicle.

CB Radio

Check Price

60. Storage System

When hitting the trail, it's important to have all of your belongings safely stored in some kind of storage system.

61. Storage Safe

If you carry valuables or a firearm, you'll want a safe to lock and keep them out of the wrong hands. An overhead vault is good and an under seat option is even better unless you frequent deep water crossings.

Check Price

62. Dash Cam

A dash cam with mount is pretty cool to record adventures and can save you money in the event of an accident. It's another way of protecting yourself.

Check Price
62. Dash Cam
A dash cam with mount is pretty cool to record adventures and can save you money in the event of an accident. It's another way of protecting yourself.

Check Price

63. Go Pro & Mounting System

A GoPro with mounting hardware is a good way to record your adventures. They can attach to the Jeep, cage and under carriage for really cool off-road footage.

GoPro Camera
Camera Mount

Check Price

64. Floor Liners

I don't have carpet in my TJ but in the Rubicon JK 4 door we do. I bought these floor liners to protect the carpet. It makes clean up easier.

65. Overhead Storage

The Jeep JK Attic Storage system is great to keep light stuff out from under your feet.

Jeep JKU Attic – Blue Ridge Overland Gear

66. Hard Top Insulation

Living in Fairbanks, Alaska with a Wrangler for 15 years, I wish I would have had insulation in my hard top. If you live in cold regions or hot, this will be a good option and drown out excess road noise.

Hardtop Insulation

Check Price

67. Grab handles

Grab handles are another cheap and easy mod that will help your passengers climb up in to a lifted Jeep. Grab handles come in fabric with a rubber/plastic grip and there are weld in grab handles for custom cages. Some new Jeeps come with grab handles, our 2011 did.

Check Price

Lighting Upgrades -

68. LED Headlights

LED headlights are absolutely awesome. I bought these inexpensive pair for our 4 door Rubicon Wrangler on Amazon 3 plus years ago and still work great. I'll eventually install them on our TJ Wrangler "Golden Dragon".

Read our Jeep headlight post: Shopping For The Best Jeep Headlights For Your Wrangler In 2022?

Excellent lights for the money. Had them on for 3 plus years.

Best Jeep Headlights

Check Price

69. Fog Lights

I installed these LED fog lights on our stock JK that I bought on Amazon 3 plus years ago and still working great. Fog lights really help light up the trail.

Best Jeep Fog Lights I Found That Didn’t Break The Bank-

Excellent fog lights for the money. Had them on for 3 plus years as well.

Both Headlights and Fog Lights

Check Price

70. Light Bar

A light bar is another great Jeep mod to use off-road at night.

Jeep Light Bar

Check Price

71. Auxiliary Reverse Lights

Nothing worse than trying to back up at night on the trail. Grab a pair of auxiliary back up lights before you run over something you'll regret. You won't need these if you get tail lights like the ones below.

72. LED Tail Lights

LED tail lights are extremely bright when they light up. The vehicle behind you can't say they didn't see them. I bought these for the 4 door JK Wrangler about three years ago on Amazon and they work great.

Have these on our JK for 3 plus years. Reverse lights are super bright.

LED Tail Lights

Check Price

73. Turn Signal LED Lights

LED turn signals are a great compliment to LED headlights and tail lights. I bought these on Amazon 3 years ago for our 4 door Wrangler.

Have these on our JK for 3 plus years.

LED Turn Signals

Check Price

74. I/R Lights

If you live in an area that offers hog hunting, then IR lights or an IR spot light is a must.

If you don't have night vision or night vision front cameras, don't buy these.

IR Spot Lights

Check Price

75. Ambient Lighting

Another popular trend is different colored ambient lighting below the dash.

Ambiance Lighting

Check Price

76. Undercarriage Lighting

Has been a trend the last few years. You'll see a vehicle with them on videos of King Of The Hammers.

Undercarriage Lighting

Check Price

77. Interior LED Lights

At work we use LED dome lights in the cold dark winters in Alaska. They work great and would work good in your Jeep as well.

Interior LED Lights

Check Price

Trail Safety & Recovery Upgrades -

Not all of these are mods but are good items to have in your Jeep on your next adventure.

78. Tool Box

Tool Storage

Your tools need a place to stay. You'll want it secured in case of you find yourself upside down.

Check Price

79. Small Mechanic's Tool Set

Small Tool Set

Every Jeep owner should have a small tool set when leaving the road.

Check Price

80. Torx Sockets & Bits

Torx Set

Jeep loves to use the torx screws and bolts. Don't be caught off the road with out these tools.

Check Price

81. Onboard Air Compressor

Used to inflate tires, small pneumatic tools and operate pneumatic lockers.

Air Compressor

Check Price

82. Onboard Air Tank

Added volume with an additional tank will give you more inflation power. Especially trying to set a tire's bead.

Air Tank

 83. Onboard Welder

Not necessary, but a dang nice thing to have is an onboard welder. Pay a recovery fee on the trail and you could have almost paid for an under hood welder.

Jeep On-Board Portable Welding System - Premier Power Welder, LLC.

84. Power Inverter

A power inverter is great for battery charging, running small power tools and a mini blender for a margarita at the end of a long day on the trail.

Power Inverter

Check Price

85. Tow Straps

Tow straps are self explanatory. You or someone you know ill break down or get stuck.

Tow Strap

Check Price

86. Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps come in handy when trying to set a bead when you've come off the wheel not to mention the other million uses.

Ratchet Straps

Check Price

87. Shackles

Shackles are always handy to have around to connect various straps for recovery operations or towing. Grab a couple three for your tool box.

Check Price

88. Rated Fire Extinguisher

You should have a fire extinguisher in your Wrangler. Grab a mount with it to secure it in a place you can easily get to in an emergency.

Fire Extinguisher

Check Price

89. Battery Disconnect Switch

Safety is important. I've personally had a vehicle catch fire. It could have been saved if I would have had a way to kill the battery power. The only saving grace was that nobody got hurt and it wasn't a Jeep Wrangler!

Battery Disconnect Switch

Check Price

90. First Aid Kit

A quality first aid kit is a must when off-roading. Make sure to purchase a mount for it so that it's always where it should be. Replace items and check for expiration dates of perishable items.

First Aid Kit

Check Price

91. Tire Repair Kit

Another one of those things that you'll wish you had it when you don't.

Tire Repair Kit

Check Price

92. Tire Deflator

Tire Deflator

Great tool to lower your tire pressure for better traction.

Check Price

93. Flashlight

You need light during an emergency and a flashlight is the right tool for it.


Check Price

94. Work Lights

Working light are a great nicety to have during a breakdown or working under the hood.

Portable Work Lights

Check Price

95. Locking Lugs

If you value the wheels on your Wrangler, locking lugs guards your wheels from a would be thief.

Jeep Locking Lug Nuts

Check Price

Overland & Camping Upgrades -

96. Overland Tent

Great way to camp and sleep above the snakes.

Overlanding Tent

Check Price

97. Water Filtration System

Turn almost any water source into potable drinking water.

Water Filtration Kit

Check Price

98. Kitchen System

All I can say is, "people got to eat!"

Overland Vehicle Systems 30100001 Komodo Camp Kitchen | Quadratec

99. Fridge Freezer Combo

Great upgrade over a traditional cooler. Even make a small one for a 2 door Jeep.

Freezer & Fridge Combo

Check Price

100. Portable Shower Kit

Who doesn't like to be clean?

Zip Instant Hot Shower | Zodi.com

101. Awning Kit

Keep the hot sun off of you during your next outing.

Jeep Awning

Check Price

102. Jeep Mattress

A jeep mattress is a great way to get started overlanding.

Jeep Overland Sleeping Platform

More expensive than a simple mattress but great idea is the Oryx Platform. Products for 2 door and 4 doors. They are based out of Fort Collins, which is 7 miles from me.

104. Solar Kit

Great for trickle charging and emergency power. Here is an inexpensive on on Amazon.

Solar Trickle Charger

Check Price

105. Power Bank

Another great option for electrical power. Here is a highly rated one on Amazon.

Power Bank

Check Price

106. Overland Trailer

You can buy or build a DIY overland trailer for upgraded camping.

Jeep Overland Trailer


If you can't quite afford the Tentrax, you could easily build one using a Dinoot Trailers kit.

107. Off-road Hitch

An off-road hitch keeps the trailer on when you're off-road.

Jeep Offroad Hitch

Final Thoughts On Jeep Wrangler Upgrades and Mods -

If your a Jeep Wrangler owner, hopefully this list of mods and gear has inspired you to get out and modify your vehicle no matter which model you have. If you're not an owner then hopefully this list inspired you to consider a Jeep vehicle or at least gave you ideas for upgrading your rig.

Top Jeep Wrangler Modifications For First Timers

Other than tops and cargo racks, most mods will fit both 2 door and 4 door Wranglers. If there is something you think we missed, let us know. We like good, bad and indifferent comments.

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